Women over 40 crave more carbs

It’s not called middle aged spread for nothing… losing weight really does become harder with age.  Why?  Well, there are a number of reasons, including the following:

  1. Women in their forties are far more likely to crave carbs and fat due to falling oestrogen levels. A craving for sweets can attack at any time, but it’s important to satisfy it with a healthy snack. Demi Moore has been reported to choose apple slices with peanut butter
  2. Snacking on the kids’ leftovers becomes a fact of life…  If the kids leave a few chips or nuggets and you are peckish and not eating until later, it’s only natural to want to polish them off.  However, those calories really do add up…
  3. We tend to be less active as the years go by.  When you are younger, you may be chasing after a toddler, busy with an active social or work life or have had more time for exercise.  As we settle into our 40′s, family life becomes more about being “mum’s taxi”, and socialising becomes more about a nice curry than a game of squash, so there are less calories burned off…
  4. We don’t drink enough!  We all know we should be drinking 2 litres of water per day, but few of us manage it due to busy lifestyles.  Tea and coffee don’t really count as substitutes.  But not having enough hydration makes you feel hungry, so you snack more
  5. We tend to be a little bit more affluent in our 40′s, so can afford more take-aways, meals out or nice meals at home.  Dinner parties become more extravagant as your repertoire extends beyond a spag bo with saladl!  But eating more indulgently does carry a cost and yes, it’s more calories…

The Hospital Group is the UK’s leading weight loss surgery provider and is helping increasing numbers of patients to tackle the problem with a permanent solution such as the gastric band.

CEO, David Ross, said “We see patients of all ages whose weight has become unhealthy through years of bad habits. 

Generally they know that it’s fundamentally about too much food and too little exercise, but those habits have become deeply ingrained and they are unable to change without drastic help.  Very often, due to excess weight, they have medical issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure, which make diet and exercise more challenging. 

Most of our patients have tried diet and exercise and failed, so weight loss surgery is the final option.

The gastric band is our most popular procedure and 99% of our patients succeed in losing weight after a gastric band. 

However, we always make our patients aware that it is not a “magic bullet” solution and not as easy as it may be portrayed in the media.  Patients need to work with the gastric band for success.  A Lap-Band will make you feel fuller sooner and for longer, but making sensible food choices is vital in successful and healthy weight loss.  We offer 2 years specialist support from our team of Dietitians and consider that this is an essential part of the weight loss programme.”

The Hospital Group also offer the gastric balloon non-surgical weight loss programme, as well as the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass for higher BMI patients.  The gastric band is generally the most popular as it is adjustable and reversible, but other options may be more suitable depending on the individual’s physiology.  A consultation with an expert bariatric surgeon is advised.



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Women over 40 crave more carbs
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