Women dislike their body

Only four per cent of young women are happy with their body and the majority would be prepared to have surgery to improve it, according to a new survey.

The vast majority – 79 per cent – of women surveyed by More magazine said that their life would improve considerably if they were happy with their body and 34 per cent claimed that they were "definitely" going to have cosmetic surgery.

In addition, a further 26 per cent said that surgery was a possibility in order to make themselves happier with their appearance.

Two fifths of respondents said that they wanted breast surgery to enhance their assets, 33 per cent wanted liposuction and 22 per cent wanted surgery to improve their nose.

Magazine editor Donna Armstrong told Life Style Extra that young women want natural curves but are prepared to pay for a more "enhanced look" if nature hasn't made them that way.

"They are inspired by women on the cover of men's magazines and have been brought up in a culture where plastic surgery is almost seen as normal," said Ms Armstrong.

She continued: "There are healthy ways to get a good figure but most young women love the thought that they can buy themselves a better body tomorrow if they want to."

Ms Armstrong said that the survey had revealed an "everyone's-having-it" mentality, demonstrating just how many people are prepared to have cosmetic surgery to change their appearance.


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Women dislike their body
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