Women choose tablets over traditional weight loss methods

A rising number of women are choosing to manage their size with weight loss tablets, a new report has found.

Commissioned by Richard Leigh, the founder of, the study found that women were opting to use weight loss tablets instead of keeping slim through diet and exercise.

Over a quarter of women over 30 admitted to using the tablets, with their main reason being a lack of time for exercise.

Mr Leigh commented: "People looking to lose weight often convince themselves that they’ve tried everything to lose it, but there is, in my experience with clients, always something these people are overlooking, purposely or not.

He added, while it was common advice, healthy and sustainable weight loss needs to include a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Using physical exercise to manage your weight has the added benefits of improving your self-confidence, protecting against stress and protecting against coronary heart disease.


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Women choose tablets over traditional weight loss methods
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