Westfield health combines surgery & cash

Westfield Health has combined surgery cover with a health cash plan in a groundbreaking move to help employers cut sickness absence.

Surgery Choices is now available as an add on benefit to Westfield’s Foresight Health Cash Plan and additionally covers employees for 60 different surgical procedures normally classed by the NHS as non-urgent. These include operations for conditions that commonly cause long absences from work, such as slipped discs, hips and knees, heart blood vessels, hernias, and men and women’s common health problems.

Westfield Health Executive Director Jill Davies says: “This marks the first time an employer-paid cash plan has been combined with cover for surgical procedures. It represents a natural progression in an employer’s search for an affordable alternative to Private Medical Insurance to help cut sickness absence by providing staff with access to treatment when they need an operation. Waiting for non-urgent operations can be a long and stressful process which is damaging to both employer and employee. Traditionally this fast route to treatment has only been available at a much higher cost. But Surgery Choices is very different from PMI in that it covers 60 specific non-urgent procedures and is designed to widen the cover provided by the Foresight Plan.”

Surgery Choices is easy to use. Following referral from a consultant, a suitable private treatment package is sourced for an employee’s operation, taking account of their needs and preferences.

If an employee is assessed as unsuitable for a private treatment package or would prefer NHS treatment, the employer receives an Employer NHS Benefit as a cash lump sum to help mitigate the cost of the employee’s possible longer absence from work.

Surgery Choices fits with the Government’s NHS priorities by giving people more choice and control over where and when they receive their treatment.

Surgery Choices is available on an employer-paid only basis to companies of 10 or more employees that also purchase Westfield’s Foresight Plan.


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Westfield health combines surgery & cash
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