Weight to Go clinical trial proves flexible diets work

A new clinical trial from respected weight loss company Weight to Go has revealed that people lose more weight when they follow a flexible diet which also allows them freedom to enjoy their favourite foods.  People following Weight to Go’s ‘Weekends Off Diet’ for eight weeks lost, on average, a remarkable 16½ lbs.      

As part of its efforts to deliver effective and enjoyable weight loss solutions, Weight to Go created its innovative ‘Weekends Off Diet’ to provide people with variety and flexibility they don’t get when following other, more rigid, diet plans. This encourages people to :

  • Be more compliant with the diet, and
  • Stay on the diet for longer

The diet requires participants to follow the normal Weight to Go menu of 850 calories per day for five days per week, but provides them with the freedom to put together their own calorie-controlled menu  on their two days off . This combination has proved a recipe for fast, healthy weight loss.  Weight to Go recommend people contain their calorie consumption to 1200 calories per day on the 2 days off, and has provided some menu suggestions to help people do that. Those menu suggestions contain popular meals such as Indian takeaways, chili con carne, pepperoni pizza and beans on toast. These  appetising options help to prevent the feeling of sacrifice that many people feel when following a diet.

Most weight loss diets are difficult to follow for two simple reasons:

  • they require people to follow them rigidly for a long period of time
  • they comprise bland powdered soups and meals that aren’t palatable

The combination of Weight to Go’s menu, based on delicious real food soups and meals, and the ‘The Weekends Off’ approach, avoids these impractical features and creates a solution that both tastes great and suits a modern lifestyle.

Weight to Go ’s independently monitored clinical trial concluded that the ‘Weekends Off Diet’ can provide effective weight loss of more than 2 lbs per week and a significant reduction in waist measurement, whilst allowing people the freedom to include some of their own foods. 

On the ‘Weekends Off Diet’:

  • Dieters will lose weight quickly thanks to the low calorie consumption
  • Have the flexibility to enjoy special occasions whilst staying ‘on the plan’
  • Enjoy great value for money at just over £40 per week
  • Continue to enjoy their favourite foods without feeling they are ‘cheating’

The evidence is that participants are encouraged to stay on the diet plan for longer and therefore benefit from sustained healthy weight loss.


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Weight to Go clinical trial proves flexible diets work
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