We have the duty to ask the right questions

With refreshing honesty when trade bodies and some insurers seem to suggest that consumers are just waiting to defraud them, Bright Grey has spoken up.

The main points: 

  • If it were not for the customer we would have no company and no jobs.
  • Protection is all about serving the customer at a time in their life when they need it most.
  • The insurer is the expert, not the customer.
  • It is up to the insurer to ask the right questions.
  • Teleunderwriting by phone enables us get the right information. If we do not ask the right questions we should not expect to get the right answers. We have to find out what is important to us. It is not the consumer’s job to second-guess what we think is important.
  • Work needs to be done to make insurance products more transparent, understandable and accessible.
  • On non-disclosure it is up to us to communicate properly.
  • Consumers do not set out to deceive insurers. Anyone who thinks that is talking nonsense and should get out of insurance.
  • Customers are honest people.
  • Customers need help and guidance, from us, the experts.
  • Insurers should stop shifting the blame for claims problems or lack of sales onto consumers.

These comments are a breath of fresh air in an industry too often seeking excuses.

Insurers price and design products, not consumers, so insurers should not blame consumers for not buying what’s on offer. A tailor offering over-priced, badly fitting clothes cannot blame the customer for not buying - why do insurers think they are different?

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We have the duty to ask the right questions
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