Vaser 'less invasive' than traditional liposuction

Patients who carry excess fat that refuses to budge despite dieting and regular exercise may want to consider the modern version of liposuction.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Carla McKay has sung the praises of Vaser Liposuction - a patented technology that uses ultrasound to burst fat cells - after visiting Dr Mike Comins at the Private Clinic of Harley Street for treatment.

Ahead of the procedure, Dr Comins marked out the areas to be treated on her body, swabbed them with iodine and administered local anaesthetic before making three small incisions through which to pass the Vaser probe.

"If felt like a scraping sensation inside," Ms McKay revealed, noting that the procedure wasn't painful thanks to the anaesthetic, but that she did feel "the odd twinge and tweak".

In fact, she likened the sensation to having a filling at the dentist, when you might "occasionally feel the dentist touch a raw nerve".

The whole procedure took just 90 minutes and resulted in the removal of 2.3 litres (12lb) of fat from the patient's stomach area.

In her Daily Mail article, Ms McKay described herself as "a bit vulnerable and delicate" for a couple of days, but "over the moon" with the results.

As well as Vaser Liposuction, the Private Clinic also performs a range of other treatments, such as Macrolane breast enhancement and minimally invasive procedures for varicose veins.

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Vaser 'less invasive' than traditional liposuction
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