Unusual illness: how Lloyd's can help

Sometimes doctors and legal experts can’t agree on the cause of a disease, its diagnosis, or even whether it exists or not. This creates huge uncertainty for underwriters that insure health risks associated with the products we use, the way we work and the protection we buy.

However by working with experts, underwriters at Lloyd’s can cut through the media noise and mass of scientific data to provide the best cover they can to policyholders.

Many life insurers steer clear of contentious diseases, however, specialist insurer Kiln is able to offer insurance to people with serious or unusual medical problems.

A disease does not necessarily need to have a label or diagnosis before Kiln life underwriters provide cover, according to Sue Clark, “We will look at the symptoms, manifestations and progress of the condition, taking into account information provided by a patient’s doctors. If the condition appears stable and under control Kiln would be able to provide some short-term cover. A simple example could be obesity. Someone with a high height to weight ratio, such as a BMI in excess of 46, would be an instant decline in the normal life market, but this is a very common type of case that Kiln life underwriters look at. Kiln uses its knowledge and expertise to determine whether a risk is insurable or not, and underwrites each risk individually. This allows the underwriter to provide life cover for a range of contentious diseases, from HIV to cystic fibrosis and cancer to drug or alcohol dependency."

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Unusual illness: how Lloyd's can help
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