Unreasonable work demands 'can increase stress'

Bosses have been warned that employees who are expected to handle excessively high workloads and other job-related pressures are at the highest risk of suffering from stress.

A spokesperson for the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology explained that workers subjected to demands beyond their knowledge or capabilities are more likely to develop mental and physical health problems.

"Common factors in work-related stress include lack of control over work, unsuitable demands being made of workers and lack of support from colleagues and management," he observed.

The representative added that the impact of anxiety-causing factors can be particularly difficult to cope with after a holiday period and suggested employers should consider adjusting the workload of members of staff known to have struggled with stress.

His remarks came after research from Sovereign Health Care revealed that just under one-third of 2,000 workers questioned felt more stressed when their colleagues took time off from their role.

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Unreasonable work demands 'can increase stress'
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