UltraSmile dentists

Cosmetic dentistry has traditionally been less popular than cosmetic surgery, but that appears to be changing.

According to Dr Thang Nghiem from UltraSmile dentists, makeover shows on TV have probably prompted the recent interest in cosmetic dentistry.

The dentist revealed that people link a nice smile with "success, health and intelligence" and a smile makeover is now beginning to replace a facelift in terms of demand.

"A great smile takes attention away from other parts of your face and gives you a huge confidence boost," he told the Daily Mirror.

"If people have a makeover with crowns, veneers and all sorts it can be expensive, but a smile improvement doesn't have to be that much, it can be as simple as whitening or fixing a chipped tooth."

Tooth whitening at a dentist is likely to cost in the region of £200 to £400, although the Whiter than White kit, which provides professional results at home, can be obtained for under £100.

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UltraSmile dentists
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