UK 'in need of stress help'

Recent research has suggested that people in the UK are showing increasing levels of stress.

Conducted by bonjela, the study found that nearly two-fifths of people are getting stressed out up to six times a day.

Rather than worrying about major issues, it appears that to be everyday problems that are preying on worriers.

Running late troubled 38 per cent of people surveyed, while 27 per cent found themselves stressed out over bills and 44 per cent experienced angst due to a row with a partner.

Dr Christian Jessen, presenter of Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize Vs Superskinny, said: "There is no doubt that stress is getting worse".

He added that it was important to address stress because other problems can be triggered by it.

"Stress increases your risk of heart disease and cancer, said Dr Jessen.

"Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are also linked. There are little things too. Mouth ulcers seem a minor subject but you would be amazed if you get them how debilitating they can be."


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UK 'in need of stress help'
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