UK food labels give incorrect information

Spending ages in a shopping aisle and analysing the fat content of a curry or a pizza is a common way for many slimmers to spend a Saturday grocery trip but new research suggests that the calories displayed on food labels is inaccurate.

According to some experts the system that food labels are based on is highly flawed and misleading, with the calorie content of many items in our shopping baskets out by a staggering 25 per cent.

With many supermarket products already high in fat, sugar and also salt, this news comes as a shock to those who carefully analyse the fat and calorie content of their food based on the information contained on food labels.

The UK’s food labels are in place to help people decide what to eat, but some experts are worried that they could actually be contributing to the nation’s growing obesity problem as people are eating more calories than they realise.

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David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “People can often become too focused on dieting, putting immense pressure on themselves to lose weight and keep that weight off.

“What many people don’t realise is that their relationship with food isn’t just about a craving or meticulous calorie counting, it is also about their state of mind.

“Many people put so much focus on losing weight and studying the calorie content of their food that they often enter into an unhealthy cycle where they scrupulously count calories then over indulge in highly fatty foods.

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UK food labels give incorrect information
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