Turkey adds to medical tourism boom

Many countries have been developing their own medical tourism industry to order to cash in on the increasing demand for treatment abroad.

Turkey is no exception, and the country believes that it has more to offer than its internationally-acclaimed cosmetic surgeons and standards of care.

Professor Oguz Cetinkale, president of the nation's Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (EPCD), said that prices for cosmetic surgery are cheaper in Turkey than abroad, but that that is not the only attraction.

"It is not only that, but the fact that Turkey is a Mediterranean country also plays a role," he told local newspaper Altinkum Voices.

"It is also the attentiveness toward the patients that make them happy. Of course, all surgeons are attentive toward their patients, but because we are a Mediterranean country, we tend to be friendlier," the professor claimed.

In addition to the comforting nature of its healthcare, Turkey also benefits from the numerous historic attractions which tourists can visit while they recuperate, as well as some picturesque and highly relaxing beaches.


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Turkey adds to medical tourism boom
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