Travel insurance no longer discriminates against older singles

When it comes to travelling, single people have traditionally been penalised with two single people travelling together often paying more for their travel insurance than a couple. Intune, the financial products and services provider set up and owned by Help the Aged, offers single and widowed people the opportunity to save nearly 25% by taking advantage of the discounts enjoyed on joint annual travel insurance policies.

Until now, older people have been particularly heavily hit with nearly a third of people aged between 65 and74 living on their own, rising to nearly two thirds for those aged 75 and over. Many of these will go on holiday with family or friends, but traditionally have had to pay full price for an individual policy in comparison to couples, whose policies cost less than the price of two individual policies.

Unlike some policies, Intune defines a couple simply as two people intending to travel together. They don’t have to be married, living at the same address or even related. For the purposes of Intune travel insurance, a couple could be a pair of siblings or friends, which will be particularly useful for older people, many of whom are widowed or whose spouse is no longer able to travel due to ill health. Not only does Intune’s policy have a wider definition of what constitutes a couple, but each person named in the joint policy can also travel alone and be covered during the term of the policy.

Savings of almost 25% on an annual multi-trip policy are available for couples buying their travel insurance together. For instance a 73 year old, with no pre existing medical conditions, wishing to purchase an annual travel insurance policy to cover medical problems whilst travelling within Europe would pay a premium of £61.13 for an individual policy through Intune. But a policy for a couple, both aged 73 would cost £92.92 or £46.46 each, a saving of 24% on the cost of an individual annual policy.

According to Stuart Castledine, Managing Director of Intune: “Older people are increasingly likely to travel alone or with friends as they are often widowed or their spouse is unable to travel due to ill health. They are being penalised because of their situation, which is grossly unfair. We are helping older people to avoid this by offering high quality insurance at the lowest prices possible.”

Intune is a wholly owned subsidiary of Help the Aged, and all profits from Intune go directly to fund the work the Charity undertakes to help disadvantaged older people. Help the Aged has over 10 years’ experience in financial services, travel insurance being its biggest selling product. All Intune’s call centres are UK based, with helpful, friendly staff.

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Travel insurance no longer discriminates against older singles
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