TOWIE’s couple’s double nose job

The Only Way Is Essex couple Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope went for rhinoplasty surgery together to have their noses reshaped this weekend and are currently recuperating at home with plaster casts on while tweeting about their progress. 

Both have to wear casts for a week as their noses were 'broken' during surgery.  Lauren chose to have nose surgery as she wanted a bump removed, while Kirk wanted his nose straightened after breaking it a year ago during a boxing match with TOWIE’s Mark Wright.

Lauren tweeted: “…really happy with how well it went!”

“Both at home recovering like a pair of plums together with our casts on but got to say I’ve not had any pain at all just a bit uncomfortable!

Kirk tweeted: “Hey guys! Just to let u no it is true I did get a nose job the other day I am over the moon with the out come.”

“Chilling out eating junk food and watching DVDs I can see myself getting a bit fat soon!”

“Can’t wait to get this cast off my face x”

While the media may have enjoyed the idea of a couple going for surgery together, it’s more common than you might think.

The Hospital Group are leading providers of cosmetic surgery in the UK. 

are leading providers of in the UK.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “Cosmetic surgery is a big decision and we do get a number of people coming together.  Sometimes they plan to have surgery together from the outset, but we’ve also had instances where a friend or family member has come to the consultation as support but then chosen to go ahead with surgery themselves.

We actually have a double room at our main hospital which is ideal for friends and family members who choose to have surgery at the same time.  It’s a very popular facility and gets booked up fast.

We wish Lauren and Kirk well with their recovery and look forward to seeing the results.  

Normally rhinoplasty patients wear a cast for a week and although they may feel well, they tend to stay in due to the appearance of that and the bruising.

However, after the cast is removed you can expect to see the shape of the nose straightaway, although it can take a year for the absolutely final result to be apparent.”


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TOWIE’s couple’s double nose job
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