Top 10 tips to lose weight!

A recent study has shown that blending meals into soup helps to keep hunger at bay. Taking exactly the same amount of food blended with some water fills the stomach up for much longer and takes longer to digest.  The result is a lower appetite between meals, less snacking and less over-eating.

That’s just one of the BBC’s “10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight”, as revealed in a recent programme this year.

The 10 things that you need to know about losing weight are:

  1. Don’t skip meals
  2. Use a smaller plate
  3. Count calories
  4. Don’t blame your metabolism
  5. Protein staves off hunger
  6. Soups keep you feeling fuller for longer
  7. Restrict choice of food and you’ll eat less
  8. Low fat dairy helps you excrete more fat
  9. Exercise continues burning fat, even while you sleep
  10. Keep moving and lose weight

Those contemplating weight loss surgery will know that after surgery a liquid then a soft diet is required after surgery.  This is primarily to allow the body to heal after surgery, but in the light of this new evidence, has the added advantage of filling patients up for longer.

For those who are worried about their weight, leading weight loss surgery provider, The Hospital Group offer a range of procedures to help people achieve the body they have always wanted.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “This is fantastic advice and we share many of these tips with our weight loss patients as we work with them to help them get the best possible results from surgery.

“Dieting may get rid of a few unwanted pounds but many people struggle to keep this weight off or lose any substantial weight at all. As a result people end up getting stuck in a cycle of dieting followed by binge and stress eating which can make people feel depressed.

“Bariatric surgery offers a permanent solution to weight loss and can allow people to lead a much fuller lifestyle. Whilst obesity surgery like a gastric band is by no means an easy option, it can without a doubt change a person’s life and help them to adopt a healthier way of life.

“Those who come to The Hospital Group can be assured of a dedicated, professional service, with astounding success rates.” 


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Top 10 tips to lose weight!
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