TMJ disorder 'is preventable'

Patients who grind their teeth at night should know that there are dentistry procedures that can help restore their teeth and measures to prevent the situation becoming worse.

Karen Coates, who advises the British Dental Health Foundation, said people who suffer with a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder can see their dentist who will provide them with a guard to wear at night.

Individuals with the condition may not know they are damaging their teeth as they are unconscious while they do it and the only indication may be jaw or earache in the morning, she stated.

She added that if the patient's condition becomes severe the teeth will need to be restored.

Ms Coates also advised individuals not to be put off visiting the dentist by perceived expensive prices as checkups cost a lot less than people believe and regular visits will help them maintain their teeth to prevent more costly procedures in the future.

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TMJ disorder 'is preventable'
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