Tighten your belt with the Hollywood no-knife mini tummy tuck

Reduced cost, reduced inches and reduced recovery, the new age Thermage® and Fraxel® combo brings about effective belly skin tightening without a scar. The effects are quickly visible with further improvement over time and with no cuts, downtime, bruising or swelling this treatment is fast becoming the celeb’s favourite.

What is Thermafrax?

Straight from the US the proven skin rejuvenation benefits of Thermage® and Fraxel® are combined to give superior results. Thermage tightens loose skin and reduces girth circumference while Fraxel® causes extra skin tightening and also shrinks unsightly stretch marks - double skin tightening effects at different levels of the dermis.

Are results instant?

Best results are experienced by those with minor skin sagging. The great news is that instant improvements just get better and better over the next few months so you will look increasingly (and naturally) lean, toned and sleek with improved skin texture and elasticity. Start now and look great in that bikini this summer!  Thermafrax is the ideal choice for most women who have loose abdominal skin without large fat pockets.

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Dr Yannis Alexandrides of 111 Harley Street has been using Thermafrax for some time at his US practice and believes women throughout the UK will love it: “A great number of women would like tummy tuck surgery but are wary for many reasons. Thermafrax is an effective alternative offering a cost effective, safe and non-invasive choice that works.”

How does it work?

Thermage uses Radio Frequency energy to heat the lower layers of the deep dermis causing a controlled thermal healing response. This triggers high quality collagen production: the end result being a tighter more toned appearance to the skin.

Fraxel benefits the upper and mid levels of the tissue. When passed over the skin it causes microscopic ‘thermal zones’ of heat. This triggers a healing response in the upper layers of the tissue reducing unsightly stretch marks and evening the surface of the tissue.

Number of treatments and cost

One thermage treatment should be enough and two to five fraxel treatments will be required spaced two weeks apart.  The Thermafrax Combo typically consists of six treatments in total: package cost £4500.

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Tighten your belt with the Hollywood no-knife mini tummy tuck
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