Tell your travel health insurer everything

The holiday season is well and truly here and it is crucial to ensure that you tell your insurer everything to avoid a dispute should you need to claim. Medical information accounts for 50% of all travel insurance complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service, so non-disclosure of certain information could be a problem.

Not only do insurers need to be aware of all your health problems when you buy cover, but also those of your family members whose poor-health may prevent you from travelling.

The Financial Ombudsman Service advises that you must tell your insurer everything, it is then up to them to probe further if they think it necessary. It cannot reject a claim if it did not ask the question.

Insurers will ask only specific questions about the health of the people you are travelling with or they are insuring. For instance, an insurer may have a sneaky catchall question, asking whether you are aware of any reason your holiday would be cancelled due to the ill health of a family member. Good insurers will not expect you to know every aspect of a relative’s health, but you would be expected to know of the big problems.

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Tell your travel health insurer everything
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