Teenagers turning to botox

Teenagers who try and buy botox treatment are likely to be turned away, a cosmetic surgery provider has revealed.

According to UK firm SurgiCare some teenagers have been contemplating botox in a bid to preserve their youthful appearance.

However, Mark Bury, the firm's chief executive, described the idea as "ridiculous".

"At SurgiCare we turn any teenagers wanting botox away," he insisted. "Your teens are for enjoying, not for worrying about getting old already.

"Skin is plump with lots of elasticity in the teen years, there is no need for botox," he insisted.

The chief executive also pointed out that teenagers are not physically ready for cosmetic procedures as some have not even finished developing.

He urged would-be patients under the age of 20 to wait until they are in a better position to make an informed decision and noted that treatments should always be carried out by an experienced practitioner.

A survey by Bliss magazine, reported by the BBC in 2005, found that two fifths of teenage girls have considered cosmetic surgery.

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Teenagers turning to botox
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