Tackle stress to deal with insomnia, sleep expert advises

Britons finding it difficult to fall asleep each night have been advised to deal with their stress levels.

The Sleep Council said that stress is an inhibitor to getting a good night's sleep as it does not allow the brain to switch off.

Jessica Alexander, a spokeswoman for the organisation, explained that the body needs to relax and wind down in order to be able to fall asleep.

She added that sleep techniques which help people to relax can reduce insomnia.

"There are many ways but it is about what works best for you - everyone is different. Some people meditate, but the old case of counting sheep is based on good reasoning," Ms Alexander said.

"You do something so mundane and boring and it can block out other thoughts. Just don't end up in bed and worry about not sleeping – that is the worst thing."

Last month, a report from scientists at the University of Warwick suggested that people who get less than six hours' sleep a night are 12 per cent more likely to die prematurely than those who sleep between six and eight hours.

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Tackle stress to deal with insomnia, sleep expert advises
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