Survey reveals problems of stress

A new survey commissioned by Samaritans and health insurer Medicash has confirmed that the biggest cause of stress for men and women is money - at 50 per cent for men and 52 per cent for women - with work second at 45 per cent for men and 32 per cent for women.

Britain’s women are just as stressed out as men today and worryingly, they are turning to drink to help relieve the problem.

These  are the findings of the Samaritans’ Stressed Out Survey supported by health cash insurer Medicash.

A third of people said they have a drink to feel less stressed, while another third decide the best way to relieve stress - although it might not be dealing effectively with it - is to sit in front of the television or listen to music.  And another thirty per cent of people say the best way to deal with stress is do absolutely nothing - and just ‘get on with it’.

Nearly three-quarters of people say they’re irritable because of stress and over half say their sleep is disturbed by stress. A third say they have more arguments with their partners and one in five say their sex lives suffer - while one in five lose their appetite.

Money and work are the two things which people say are the biggest source of stress for them - family came third.

Commenting on the results of the Stressed Out Survey, Peter Lauris, Sales and Marketing Director at Medicash says:  “Having a drink is probably the quickest and easiest thing to do when you’re stressed but we’re encouraging those people who are unable to deal with the issues that are causing stress – such as debt and bereavement - to cope with it in better ways, such as stress counselling and alternative therapies such as reflexology and acupuncture. It is worrying that so many people are turning to drink, as there are so many other ways to combat the problem.”

Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University adds: “The Stressed Out survey clearly shows that too many people are turning to the most inappropriate ways to deal with whatever is stressing them - and that’s if they’re making any attempt to deal with it at all. The survey shows that almost twice as many as three years ago are just ignoring the fact that they’re getting stressed - and many more than before are dealing with it in the worst way possible, by turning to drink or switching themselves off, in front of a TV. People need to talk about the stress and anxieties they have, not hide them away. Facing your problems with support is the best first step.“


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Survey reveals problems of stress
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