Surgeon to sue over obesity surgery rationing

A leading surgeon is considering taking legal action because of the lack of obesity surgery that is available on the NHS.

Obesity surgery can save lives as it not only helps severely overweight people to lose weight, but it also helps to address obesity-related complications such as type-2 diabetes.

Professor John Baxter, who is president of the British Obesity Surgery Society, claimed that the NHS is putting lives at risk by carrying out fewer than 300 obesity surgery operations a year, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Patients who are unable to pay for private obesity surgery have little option but to continue with their previous attempts to lose weight through diet and exercise which, for many people, fails to achieve significant results.

Professor Baxter claimed that the NHS limits are down to cost, but pointed out that the operations usually pay for themselves within four years because of reduced healthcare costs for obesity-related complications.

He told Sky News: "It is fair to say that I'm considering a legal challenge.

"I am surprised there have not been more lawsuits by patients around the country, trying to say 'why are you not providing this', and it's just a matter of time I think."

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Surgeon to sue over obesity surgery rationing
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