Sugary foods and drink linked to high blood pressure

Consuming too much sugar can cause weight gain, with this increasing the risk of blood pressure problems, experts have warned.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association earlier this month warned of a clear link between the regular consumption of fizzy drinks and an increased risk of high blood pressure and even strokes.

Following on from this, the Blood Pressure Association (BPA) has noted that sugary drinks and foods could serve to cause salt retention, with this raising blood pressure, with adults therefore advised to watch their diet as well as take simple steps to keep their blood pressure levels healthy.

Mike Rich, executive director of the BPA noted: "Getting regular exercise is proven to have major benefits to your blood pressure, keeping your numbers down and so reducing your risk of stroke and heart attack."

He added that even a brisk lunchtime walk can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, with regular check-ups also said to be "vital".

The BPA warns that around one in three people with high blood pressure are unaware that they suffer from the condition.


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Sugary foods and drink linked to high blood pressure
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