Study finds increased cancer risk in obese

Obesity treatment could become all the more important for those struggling with their weight as new issues have been raised.

A recent report suggested that obesity is a risk factor for the development of pancreatic cancer.

Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the study found a positive association between increasing body mass index and the risk of having the cancer.

An increased waist to hip ratio was also associated with the illness in women, but less so in men.

Richard Leigh, founder of the Fat Free Fitness Weightloss Agency, suggested that both men and women improve their knowledge of nutrition in order to reduce their risk of obesity and the associated problems.

In terms of fats, Mr Leigh suggested: "As a rule of thumb, avoid saturated fat as much as possible, keep away from 'hydrogenated' manmade fats typically found in fast food, and try to consume more heart-healthy polyunsaturated fat, typically found in fish, nuts, seeds and the like."


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Study finds increased cancer risk in obese
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