Study explains why some people require obesity treatment

A recent research project has explained why some people might be more inclined to need obesity treatment later in life.

Conducted by LA BioMed scientists, the study provided further understanding between low birth weights and obesity later in life.

The researchers found that nutritionally deprived newborns are 'programmed' to eat more because they have developed less neurons in the region of the brain that controls food intake.

Published in the journal Brain Research, the results are based on an animal model and showed that there was less division and differentiation of the neural stem cells of a newborn with a low birth rate as compared to normal birth weight.

Dr Mina Desai, author of the new study, commented: "Obesity and its related diseases are the leading cause of death in our society, yet we have few effective strategies for prevention or treatment. These studies suggest maternal nutrition could play a critical role in preventing obesity and related disease."


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Study explains why some people require obesity treatment
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