Study confirms safety of 'mummy makeover' cosmetic surgery

Women who undergo a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures after giving birth are no more likely to experience complications than those who have individual operations, a new study has found.

Some women choose to have cosmetic surgery to recreate their 'pre-baby' body and common procedures include tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction.

Researchers at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Los Angeles carried out a review of 268 new mums who chose to have cosmetic surgery and found that the rate of complications following combined surgery was similar to that following individually-staged operations.

Lead author Dr W Grant Stevens, a cosmetic surgeon who founded Marina Plastic Surgery, commented: "Mommy makeovers have a similar safety profile to individually-performed procedures while offering distinct advantages versus multiple surgical sessions.

"A tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction are all common procedures for mothers looking to recreate their 'pre-baby' body. For a woman who wants to have plastic surgery after pregnancy, combining the procedures certainly makes a lot of sense."

The cosmetic surgeon confirmed that, based on the study's findings, combining cosmetic procedures in a single operation does not appear to create any additional risk for the patient and is likely to be more cost-effective and convenient than having the procedures done one at a time.

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Study confirms safety of 'mummy makeover' cosmetic surgery
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