Stressed out Britain

Brits start to feel stressed by 11.30am on a Monday morning, suggests a study from health cash provider Medicash.

Catching up with emails and workloads after the weekend leaves the average person feeling stressed just two hours and 18 minutes after arriving in the office. Seventy per cent admit they often feel stressed at some point during the working day.

And more than half of the nation’s workforce feels so tense when they get home in the evenings they often sit down with a cold glass of wine or beer to relax. A third have even called in sick because they had reached the end of their tether while 12 per cent have quit their job altogether.

Sue Weir of Medicash says, ‘’Coming back into work after a fun weekend can be difficult thanks to the inbox full of emails and the mountain of work you face. So it is not surprising that it only takes a couple of hours for the stress levels to shoot up.

Feeling stressed at work not only has an effect on your professional life but also on your home life and the people around you. But taking regular breaks and going out for lunch can help you to relax in between jobs and hopefully calm you down to ease the stress.’’

Top ten things most likely to make you feel stressed at work

1. Heavy workload.

2. Dealing with difficult customers.

3. Computer freezing when you are in the middle of something.

4. Boss asking you to do too much work.

5. Computer taking too long to get going.

6. Phone ringing non-stop.

7. Boss asking you to do something not in your job description.

8. Printer breaking

9. The internet not working.

10. Colleagues bitching about other people in the workplace.

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Stressed out Britain
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