Stress fuels cosmetic surgery demand

A stressful working environment is a leading reason for cosmetic surgery, it was claimed today.

The Harley Medical Group says that employment-related stress is producing a tired, sagging and wrinkled effect in the faces of many hard-working Britons.

The group, which dubs the phenomenon "workplace wrinkling", claims that it would cost almost £15,000 for Tony Blair to reverse the changes to his physical appearance which have occurred during his ten years in Downing Street.

A Harley Medical Group surgeon told Life Style Extra: "Tony Blair's ten years in office may have ravaged his looks; he could benefit from a bit of tweaking and tucking.

"The upper part of his face looks like it has aged, his eye brows and eyelids have sagged making him appear more tired and older than his years… he would benefit from a non-surgical treatment package including line and wrinkle smoothing."

The unnamed doctor also suggested that David Cameron "may benefit from one of our regular maintenance programmes to preserve and maintain his youthful and fresh appearance".

The recent resignation of Tony Blair has served to heighten awareness of workplace wrinkling.

Many newspapers and television stations have featured pictures of Mr Blair throughout his decade as prime minister, and the results show a visible acceleration of the ageing process.

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Stress fuels cosmetic surgery demand
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