Stick-thin models make women feel inferior

Media coverage of supermodels makes the average women feel inferior, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia found that all women feel unhappy about their figure no matter their size, age or height after looking at pictures of magazine models for just three minutes.

Using 81 women, the study assessed feelings of self-worth and appearance before and after viewings of a number of models in magazines to understand how media can impact on female perceptions of themselves.

"Surprisingly, we found that weight was not a factor. Viewing these pictures was just bad for everyone," said Laurie Mintz, associate professor of education, school and counselling psychology in the MU College of Education.

She added: "It had been thought that women who are heavier feel worse than a thinner woman after viewing pictures of the thin ideal in the mass media. The study results do not support that theory."

It is hoped that the study will be used to encourage more campaigns to ensure that women are not negatively affected by unrealistic and often photoshop-edited images of fellow females.

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Stick-thin models make women feel inferior
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