Spire Liverpool mobile healthcare services

Spire Liverpool Hospital, previously known as Lourdes Hospital, is a highly-rated private hospital offering a comprehensive range of medical and surgical treatments to patients from Merseyside and the Northwest of England.

The hospital welcomes patients with private medical insurance, those who are paying for their own treatments, and also offers some services to patients on behalf of the NHS. Treating thousands of patients every year, the hospital has recently faced an upsurge in demand. To help ensure a smooth flow of patients and a continuation of specialist services, the hospital director, Liz Cousins, recently made the decision to call in a state-of-the-art Vanguard Healthcare mobile operating theatre to help boost capacity.

The mobile unit – a laminar flow operating theatre complete with anaesthetic room, recovery area, utility areas and a staff changing room – is connected to the main hospital via a link corridor and is providing additional capacity for patients, enabling the specialist teams and consultants to provide “continued and convenient access to treatment including orthopaedics, ophthalmics, urology, gynaecology, ENT, and other general surgical procedures that we regularly carry out at the hospital”, explained Mrs Cousins.

“The Vanguard mobile operating theatre at Spire Liverpool Hospital is providing a ‘seamless’ service, as it is directly attached to the hospital,” said Mrs Cousins, “and already the consultant and patient feedback has been extremely positive. We’re delighted to have adopted a strategy which has enabled us to continue to carry out our regular treatments and procedures conveniently on site and ensure that we continue to provide a consistently high quality of patient care with no adverse affect on the patient experience.”

Senior consultant and orthopaedic surgeon, John Davidson,from Spire Liverpool Hospital has also been delighted with the service, explaining: “The new theatre that has been installed at Spire has greatly enhanced our ability to deliver specialist surgical services. Having an extra ultra clean air theatre means we can double our capacity for putting in joint replacements and artificial material into patients, minimising the risk of infection.

“This additional theatre, whilst delivered as a mobile unit, is state-of-the-art and now fully integrated into the hospital’s theatre suite. We are very pleased that Spire Hospitals have managed to increase our capacity so that patients do not have to wait for their surgical procedures.”

It wasn’t just staff at the private hospital who have been impressed by the deployment of this innovative service, patients have been so impressed with the facilities that very few even realised they were on a mobile unit until they were told afterwards. One such patient, Mrs Julie Chorley, said: “When I first arrived at the hospital for my operation, I was greeted by the surgeon and anesthetist who came to explain the procedure; I was having a partial knee replacement. I entered the operating theatre totally unaware that it was a mobile unit; it was very modern, bright, and clean and I really felt at ease. The anesthetists who were there also made me feel completely at ease; they were so nice. I was definitely impressed with everyone involved and I would choose Spire Liverpool Hospital over any other hospital if I had to have another operation."

With a track record of more than ten years as the leading provider of outsourced mobile facilities in the UK health sector, together with a diverse and highly qualified base of staff – many of whom are former NHS executives and clinicians - Vanguard Healthcare has developed a range of solutions, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of both public and private hospitals.


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Spire Liverpool mobile healthcare services
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