'Small risk of altered sensation' in cosmetic dentistry

Certain cosmetic dentistry procedures come with a small risk of altered sensation, it has been suggested.

A review published in the Journal or Oral Implantology found that the occurrence of inferior alveolar nerve injury could be as high as 13 per cent in dental implant procedures, reported.

This could make it particularly important for patients to choose their dentist carefully when considering implants.

The problem is generally caused by drilling too deep past the bone and into the nerve.

However, placing the implant itself onto a nerve could also result in problems.

The injury can result in mild numbness, pain or even complete loss of perception of stimulation, although effects are generally temporary.

Localisation of the nerve, ordinarily through radiography or tomography, is recommended as "an essential preventive step" in avoiding inferior alveolar nerve injury.

In addition, a number of standard neurosensory examinations can be carried out before and after treatment in order to assess any change in sensation.


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'Small risk of altered sensation' in cosmetic dentistry
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