Sleep deprivation 'affecting new parents'

New parents are missing out on significant levels of sleep, recent research has suggested.

Conducted by Silent Night, the report found that mothers and fathers are losing out on around six months worth of sleeping during the first two years of parenthood.

The study also revealed that one in ten parents are getting no more than two and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

Jessica Alexander, spokeswoman for the Sleep Council, warned that people's mental health can be affected by a lack of sleep.

"Poor sleep quality can lead to depression, as it affects your mental state, but poor sleep quality can also be a symptom of depression - so it works both ways," she said.

Ms Alexander added that personal relationships could also suffer as a lack of sleep can make people "tired, grumpy and impatient", putting pressure on their partner.

However, those who are well-rested tended to be "much more cheerful to be around".

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Sleep deprivation 'affecting new parents'
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