Sleep can hamper concentration

People who regularly fail to get an adequate amount of sleep may find their mental and personal skills are affected, after researchers in the US found fragmented rest can disrupt memory.

Author, speaker and social psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley explained that there are a number of potential implications for those who struggle to sleep for a sufficient length of time.

"Things like lack of sleep can affect people's concentration and their ability to perform fine motor tasks," she observed. "It also affects them socially, so that they are unable to hold continuous conversation."

Dr Wheatley noted that those who can only manage broken sleep often do not go through the entire rest cycle, potentially leaving them ill-tempered and forgetful the following morning. She also pointed out that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture.

Earlier this week, a study conducted by scientists at Stanford University suggested a possible link between memory problems and poor-quality sleep.


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Sleep can hamper concentration
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