Ski holidays could increase cancer risk

Holidaymakers should ensure they use adequate sun protection to lower the likelihood of them needing skin cancer treatment in the future.

This is the opinion of Bevis Man, the British Skin Foundation's communications manager, who explained that many people who like to participate in skiing while on holiday forget to apply sun cream.

"Although it may sound strange, it's certainly worth using sunscreen when holidaying abroad on a ski or snowboarding break," he stated.

Mr Man explained that at higher altitudes people become more susceptible to skin damage due to the sun's rays becoming stronger.

UVA sun cream is not necessary for everyday life for most people in the UK but those who suffer from a UV allergy or sunlight intolerance could benefit from wearing it while in Britain.

According to the latest figures from Cancer Research UK, 11,770 people were diagnosed with malignant melanoma in the UK in 2008.


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Ski holidays could increase cancer risk
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