Silicone implants are 'perfectly safe'

A plastic surgeon has commented on benefits of silicone when considering breast augmentation.
Comparing the benefits of saline and silicone chest implants Dr Brian Braithwaite, a cosmetic surgeon from Chicago, highlighted that European women have been allowed a choice while American women were limited to saline implants until 2006.

Dr Braithwaite said: "Silicone implants are softer and feel more natural than saline implants…Silicone feels more like real breast tissue and, because of this, the implant edges are less likely to be felt or seen."

There have been continuing debates over the safety of silicone implants which were banned in America for a number of years, but Dr Braithwaite believes that "silicone implants are perfectly safe, and today’s implants are even better than those of the past."

He added: "Silicone implants were never taken off the market in Europe and Canada and those patients benefitted from the availability of silicone implants while American women were limited in their options. There was an absence of any scientific evidence that there was ever anything wrong with these devices in the first place."

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Silicone implants are 'perfectly safe'
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