Show about Oprah Winfrey's weight loss voted her best ever

As Americans reflect back on 25 years of Oprah, it is revealed that her November 1988 show about her weight loss was her top rated programme ever. Oprah demonstrated just how much weight she’d lost by pulling a wagon load of fat equivalent to the weight she’d lost.  In doing so, she inspired Americans to try dieting again inspired by her success.

Unfortunately for Oprah, her battle with weight has been a long and public one.  “I’ve been ripped to shreds eight ways from Sunday for my weight” Oprah says.

Over the years, viewers saw her lose and gain the weight several times over. 

The show also celebrated celebrity slimmers like Kirstie Alley whose brave bikini reveal of her weight lost in 2005 has been ranked in the top 5 most memorable Oprah shows.  However, it was the precursor to her putting all the weight back on and more before returning to chat about her weight regain again in 2009. She has since had success slimming again on Dancing with the Stars.

The Hospital Group is the UK’s leading weight loss surgery specialist.  Their expert commented “Oprah, Kirstie Alley and numerous other celebrities have succeeded in losing weight with rigorous diet and exercise regimes.  However, such drastic weight loss can be difficult to maintain.  Natalie Cassidy is a famous British example."  

At The Hospital Group, we see many clients who have yo-yo dieted, losing then regaining weight.

The gastric band is a last resort for such patients, offering them a very real chance of long term success.  Weight loss with the band is gradual and managed.  The gastric band makes the patient fuller faster and for longer so they naturally eat less.  The band is adjustable to allow more or less food to pass and the approach is manageable and sustainable over the long term.” 

The Hospital Group offer gastric bands, bypasses, balloons and sleeves using top bariatric surgeons.  Consultations are available nationwide.  The company credits its patients’ astounding success rates with the aftercare support, which includes one to one counselling and advice from specialist dietitians.


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Show about Oprah Winfrey's weight loss voted her best ever
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