Sex is important to the over-50s

It is important that people over the age of 50 maintain a healthy sex drive.

This is the opinion of Charlotte Watts, co-author of The De-stress Diet and a nutritional therapist, who said that it helps "promote" a better "quality of life" and can allow people to control their stress levels.

"We keep stress hormones down to keep our circulation up, brain function and anti-stress measures are important for that," she stated.

Ms Watts also recommended yoga to the over-50s. She believes that the exercise is useful for combating bad posture and circulation problems.

She explained that yoga has a reputation for being good for stress as it engages the brain, but it is also very good physical exercise for people of varying capabilities.

This comes after a new YouGov poll showed that 67 per cent of women over the age of 50 did not realise that cervical screening should be a necessary part of their regular health check-up.

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Sex is important to the over-50s
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