'Sedation dentistry' an option for nervous patients

Patients who need preventative dental treatment or are keen to have cosmetic dentistry but are afraid of the dentist's chair could benefit from sedation dentistry, a London clinic has revealed.

The London cosmetic dentistry clinic Aqua Dental Spa offers the technique, which enables patients to undergo a sedation treatment that does not involve a general anaesthetic.

Dr Anoop Maini, who founded Aqua Dental Spa and is also a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), explained: "Sedation dentistry isn't new, but it's not widely offered by dentists.

"The patient is given a sedative strong enough to make them sleep through the treatment without the after-effects of a general anaesthetic."

One patient who has benefited from the technique is Sarah Couling, 23, from London.

Ms Couling revealed: "I was put to sleep even before the injections - which was perfect as I'm also terrified of needles."

She added: "I'm so pleased with the outcome, I now can't stop smiling.

"I used to feel I always had to have my hair in place and make-up on wherever I went to compensate for my teeth - but now with a fantastic smile, I can go out bare-faced with hair tied back as I have a great smile."


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'Sedation dentistry' an option for nervous patients
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