Screening technique may improve infertility treatment

New research holds hope for thousands of couples undergoing infertility treatment after scientists found that a new technique could boost success rates.

The screening technique, called comparative genomic hybridisation (CGH), was found to greatly increase the number of viable embryos.

Researchers at Oxford University analysed results from a study at the Colorado Centre for Reproductive Medicine, where 23 female patients underwent IVF and had their embryos screened using CGH.

All 23 women were provided with at least one embryo with the correct number of pairs of chromosomes as a result of the new technique.

Dr Allan Pacey, a member of the British Fertility Society and fertility expert at the University of Sheffield, told the BBC that existing forms of genetic embryo screening have been of limited use and there is therefore "a need to investigate whether new techniques are more effective".

Estimates suggest that at least one fifth of couples of reproductive age are affected by infertility and may therefore benefit from infertility treatment.


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Screening technique may improve infertility treatment
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