Scientists trailing ultrasound as a contraceptive for men

Ultrasound may be used as a reversible form of contraception for men if trials being carried out by scientists in the US prove successful.

A team from the University of North Carolina have been testing the method, which uses a blast of ultrasound to halt sperm production for six months.

This will mean that once existing sperm reserves have been used up, a man undergoing the treatment will be temporarily infertile.

Following initial tests, they now plan to go ahead with further clinical trials in the hope that they can develop a new form of birth control.

"Our long-term goal is to use ultrasound from therapeutic instruments that are commonly found in sports medicine or physical therapy clinics as an inexpensive, long-term, reversible male contraceptive suitable for use in developing to first world countries," explained lead researcher Dr James Tsuruta.

The publication of the findings comes after a German study featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that women taking oral hormonal contraceptives were at a greater risk of suffering from female sexual dysfunction.


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Scientists trailing ultrasound as a contraceptive for men
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