Schools can help fight obesity

Schools can help to reduce the number of children needing obesity treatment by providing cooking lessons, it has been claimed.

Many youngsters grow up without learning how to put together a healthy meal and this could mean that they have an unhealthy diet in later life, according to Richard Watts, campaigns director at Sustain.

He claimed: "If children don't learn to cook then later in life by definition they will be relegated to a diet of takeaways and ready meals.

"This isn't a silver bullet which will on its own solve the obesity crisis but it's a vital part of a wider solution."

Mr Watts noted that parents should "take responsibility" for their children's health and ensure that they know how to eat healthily.

However, the expert admitted that parents may need help as many lack cooking skills, meaning that schools should step in and provide children with these vital skills.

A recent survey by Bupa UK Health Insurance found that 54 per cent of people in London eat takeaway and fast food at least once a week.


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Schools can help fight obesity
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