Risk of crash death 'increases with obesity'

People might want to consider their options for obesity treatment after a study highlighted another health risk of the condition.

Published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, the research found that obese people have a significantly higher chance of death following a severe car crash.

Indeed, moderately obese drivers face a 21 per cent increased risk of death, while morbidly obese people face a 56 per cent increased risk.

Professor of emergency medicine at the University of Buffalo Dietrich Jehle commented: "The severity and patterns of crash injuries depend on a complex interaction of biomechanical factors, including deceleration velocity at impact, seat belt and air bag use, vehicle type and weight, and type of impact.

"But the effect of body mass on crash outcome has not been previously evaluated in databases of adequate size or controlled for some of these confounding factors."

However, the research found that underweight and normal weight drivers are actually more likely to die in a severe crash than slightly overweight people.

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Risk of crash death 'increases with obesity'
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