Rising skin cancer among young people 'surprising'

New research that shows cases of malignant melanoma has tripled in people aged 15-34 since the 1970s is "surprising", one charity has said.

Cancer Research UK revealed that in the late 70s there were around 290 cases of melanoma in this age group, rising to more than 900 today.

"The news of the increase in malignant melanoma rates is surprising in that the increase is in this particular age group," commented Bevis Man, spokesman for the British Skin Foundation.

"We know that rates have increased in both women and especially men over the last three decades, so hopefully some of these figures can be explained by the fact that we are slowly getting better at knowing what to look for in terms of the signs for skin cancer."

He added that a new law preventing people under the age of 18 from using sunbeds should have an impact on the number of future melanoma cases.

However, he added that early detection, getting to know your own skin and visiting the GP will help to reduce skin cancer death rates.


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Rising skin cancer among young people 'surprising'
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