Rhinoplasty found to benefit transsexuals

Patients who have undergone male-to-female gender reassignment may benefit from rhinoplasty to make their facial features more feminine, researchers have said.

A report in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery suggests that increasing acceptance of transsexualism as a recognised medical disorder "has led to the development of a number of medical and surgical approaches aimed at aligning the patient's physical appearance with his or her perceived sex".

Led by SA Reza Noureai, of London's Charing Cross Hospital, the team looked at 12 patients who had undergone gender reassignment and rhinoplasty.

"The surgical procedure resulted in a more feminine nasal profile in all patients," the authors revealed.

"Five patients stated at the one-year visit that their nasal procedure had had one of the greatest impacts on their overall perception of themselves as female."

Around one in 37,000 people are thought to believe themselves to have been born into the body of the wrong sex, the authors claim.


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Rhinoplasty found to benefit transsexuals
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