Revolutionary form of cancer treatment suggested

A new form of cancer treatment has been put forward which could change the approach doctors take to the illness, according to a recent report.

Dr Ronit Satchi-Fainaro carried out research at Tel Aviv University and developed a drug carrier which could ferry certain medication to cancerous tumours, rather than seeing the illness affect the body's own blood.

She worked on the project treating cancer as parasitic in its behaviour and from this standpoint she claimed that if the tumour could be fed medication instead of blood then it could be reduced in size and kept at bay.

"Many times, at this advanced stage of disease, patients are given drugs for palliative rather than curative reasons. We are out to change that bleak prognosis," she added.

Dr Satchi-Fainaro pointed out that in recent experiments that her team had carried out, chemotherapy had not been effective.

In a recent study at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, it was shown that prostate cancer survival rates had improved from the 1970s to the 1990s, because more patients were being diagnosed while the illness was contained in the prostate.

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Revolutionary form of cancer treatment suggested
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