Restylane - 'a very popular filler'

Many patients actually request the filler Restylane by name due to its image as a safe and effective product, according to one cosmetic surgeon.

Restylane is a transparent gel containing hyaluronic acid, a material which naturally surrounds the skin's cells and makes the skin look softer.

Commenting on the recent finding that Restylane may encourage the skin to produce more natural collagen, Dr Angelica Kavouni, director of a cosmetic surgery practice, confirmed that the material is "very effective and very safe".

"Restylane was the first filler that was available after collagen," Dr Kavouni explained.

"It is very popular and in the minds of a lot of patients; when they want to ask for something, they ask for Restylane specifically," she revealed.

Dr Kavouni also said that there has been a "tremendous increase" in the number of people seeking out filler treatments.

"People are more aware that there are treatments that are safe and effective," she insisted.

"The treatments themselves are not particularly expensive if you compare them with other things - they are quite affordable," she added.


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Restylane - 'a very popular filler'
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