Response to public demand to crack down on Botox® cowboys

In a major step forward in patient protection, from Monday 13th September consumers will, for the first time, be able to ‘shop responsibly’ for injectable cosmetic treatments, such as Botox® and dermal fillers through a Government backed online register of medically certified practitioners and sites –

Treatments You Can Trust has been established to help consumers make an educated decision on how to choose a safe provider and avoid the growing number of rogue practitioners, through a comprehensive directory of those regulated doctors, dentists and registered nurses who meet all the standards and training principles required to administer cosmetic injectable treatments safely.

The register goes live as a YouGov Poll identifies the public’s concerns over this rapidly expanding industry - an estimated 1 million* injectable cosmetic treatments are carried out each year:

  • 10% of 18-24 year olds – one of the biggest growth markets – are likely to have an injectable cosmetic treatment in the future
  • 73% of British consumers surveyed expressed concern about the possibility of having injectable cosmetics treatment from a provider who is not appropriately qualified
  • 72% of British consumers surveyed agreed that in the absence of full government regulation they would use Treatments You Can Trust

From Monday 13th September consumers will be able to choose from 156 clinical sites across the UK, with a further 113 currently working towards registration. Consumers across the UK from Birmingham to Bristol and London to Leeds can use the register as an invaluable resource when searching for a trustworthy local provider.

For further information on the IHAS Register of Injectable Cosmetic Providers Quality Assurance Mark please visit

*2010 Mintel Survey


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Response to public demand to crack down on Botox® cowboys
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