Research 'is key' to cosmetic surgery

Almost 40 per cent of cosmetic-surgery patients would welcome more information about the side effects and possible complications before undergoing surgery, a survey reveals.

Although 91 per cent of patients believed themselves to be properly informed before surgery, questioning revealed that many patients were ignorant about some common side effects.

The survey by Harris Interactive found that 48 per cent of patients were unaware of the possibility of bleeding and 42 per cent of patients were not aware of risks of vomiting.

Nearly one third had not asked their surgeon about their accreditation and qualifications, putting themselves at severe risk.

President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr Roxanne Guy said: "The study suggests patients are not as aware as they should be when it comes to understanding possible side effects and complications after surgery."

"Patients need to take a proactive role in their surgical experience, including asking how post-surgical side effects and complications could affect them and how to manage them," she advised.

Despite these findings, most patients are happy with their cosmetic surgery results, with 80 per cent reporting a positive experience from the operation.

The British Association of Plastic Surgeons reports that nearly 29,000 procedures were carried out by its members in Britain last year.


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Research 'is key' to cosmetic surgery
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