Regular sex key to improving fertility, expert advises

Having sex on a daily basis is likely to improve sperm quality and reduce the need for infertility treatment, men have been advised.

According to new research carried out by one Australian specialist regular sexual activity can help reduce the levels of DNA damage seen in sperm samples, thereby boosting fertility prospects.

Revealing his findings at this week's European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology conference, Dr David Greening from Sydney IVF, explained that he had seen men benefit from 12 per cent reductions in sperm damage after following his advice for just seven days.

While more work is still to be done, he theorised that sperm which remain in the testes for several days are more likely to be damaged as they suffer from warm temperatures and attack from free radicals.

Welcoming the findings, the University of Sheffield's Dr Alan Pacey, commented: "The best general advice is that if couples are attempting to conceive naturally, intercourse every couple of days will make sure the sperm are as healthy as possible on each occasion."

This advice comes soon after it was reported that growing numbers of British couples are going abroad for fertility treatment, with two in three women aged over 40.

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Regular sex key to improving fertility, expert advises
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